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:: Educational and Research Aims ::
 | Post date: 2017/04/5 | 

The Missions, Objectives and Vissions,Educational and Research Aims:

Beheshti hospital works as the only center of providing professional psychiatry services, towards amplification of University of Medical Sciences and Health Care of Zanjanso as to provide, maintain, and promote mental health level of the people dwelling in the Province and other clients.This center also attemptstrain and educate required work forcein psychiatry and clinical psychology fields.This centerboasts a collection of the most prominentprofessionals in the medical, diagnostic, rehabilitation, and education-research fields, in order toprovide people with their best quality services and provide a safe environment for patients and clients through exploiting diagnostic and medical facilities, equipment and amenities. Likewise,supervising over accurate training, research, and therapy, and also observing justice in providing service, professional principles, patient and colleague's rights charter are amongst the goals of this center. Therefore, this center considers veneration, raising clients' satisfaction and increasing of people's access level to the professional services in order toperpetuallyimprove mental health in the society as its ultimate goal.

The Vision of Beheshti hospita:

With the aid of The Almighty and side by side with employingour committed workforce and using our available facilities, this center, along with the University of Medical Science’sDevelopmentPlan, is going to become one of the leading centers nationwide through providingqualitative and quantitative educational, research, and medical services to the people of the Province and other clients referred by similar center.

Organizational Values of Beheshti hospita:

•  FollowingIslamic Rules

• Contemplating the prominent role and status of the highest creature (mankind) in the social system

• The rule of law

• Observing the patient's rights charter

• Observing justice in giving services

• Observing professional principles and human morality in giving services

• Superintendenting the provision of proper and effective medicinal methods

The Center’s Code of Ethics:

  • The staff of this center commit themselves to serve honestly and safely, and God’s satisfaction is invariably embedded in their services.
  • Effortsare to be made in applying the latest investigated methods, and the most leading practices and technologies so as to provide desirable services to clients
  • We recognize that dealing responsibly with courtesy, honesty, and intimacy, and being responsive to the clients are our duties.
  • We seek the satisfaction of patients and families throughemploying desirable and high quality services.
  • We consider that order in affairs, punctuality,perseverance, and compassion in providing services and responding to clients are part of our duties.
  • Part of ourresponsibilities is to maintain the appearance with approved uniform, observing courtesy and respect for our clients, patients, and personnel.
  • We are cognizant of the fact that continuous promotion of servicequality and comprehensive development hinge heavily on teamwork and is amongst our important goals.
  • We believe that clients are the main and supreme arbitrators of the quality of our services, and they are the root reason for the survival of any organization. Thus, we will strive continuously to maintain and promote the quantitative and qualitative level of services, and gain the satisfaction of the patients and families.

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