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Featured Research:

1. Monsef, H., Sharifzade, M., Salehi Surmaghi, M., Yazdinezhad, A.,Mahmudi,A. Investigation of effects of olibanum gomresin on spatial memory retention using Morris Water Maze model. (Pharm.D.Thesis).

2. Monsef, H.Ostad, N., Hajiaghaee, R., Yazdinezhad, A., Saeedmohamadi, F. Investigation of effects of Scrophlaria steriata on nitric oxide producing in rat hipocamp cultured cells.( Supported by Tehran University of Medical Siences)

3. Monsef, H.Ghahremani, M.H., Yazdinezhad, A., Hajiaghaee, R. Study of effects of some native herbal species extracts on fibroblast cells proliferation. (Supported by Tehran University of Medical Sciences).

4. Amin, Gh.R.,Salehi Surmaghi, M., Sharifzade, M., Azadi, B., Yazdinezhad, A. Phytochemical and pharmalogical investigation of Galanthus transcaucasicus on Alzheimer disease.( Supported by Tehran University of Medical Siences)

5. Monsef, H., Sarkheil, P., Yazdinezhad, A., Aghajani, H.Antioxidant effect of some native species of Alkanna in Iran. (Supported by Tehran University of Medical Sciences).

6. Monsef, H., Ostad, N., Amanzade, Y., Yazdinezhad, A. Navab, Z. Study of anti-inflammatory effect of Alkanna trichophila.(Pharm.D.Thesis).


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