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 | Post date: 2018/08/10 | 

   Pharmaceutical biotechnology
  •     Antimicrobial and anticancer drugs
  •     Monoclonal antibodies and gene therapy
  •     Antibacterial activity of compounds
  •     Biofilms
  •     Antimicrobial agents
  •     Next-generation sequencing in routine brain tumor diagnostics
  •     Production of recombinant proteins by hairy roots culture
  •     Production of recombinant proteins by E. coli
  •     Extraction, isolation and characterizations of bioactive compounds
  •     Gene delivery to breast cancer cell line by nanoparticles

   Pharmaceutical biomaterials
  •     Antimalarial and anticancer drug delivery system
  •     Gene therapy and monoclonal antibodies
  •     Peptide and lipid-based drug delivery

   Food and drug control
  •     Drug delivery to the burn eschar and acute and chronic wounds
  •     Transdermal drug delivery
  •     Invivo and invitro drug analysis
  •     Antimicrobial agents. Peptides
  •     Bioassay of natural compounds and antimicrobial peptides
  •     Biofilms
  •     Formulation of probiotics
  •     Antimicrobial resistance (mechanisms)
  •     Trace elements analysis and function mechanisms
  •     Function of probiotics and prebiotics in diseases
  •     Prevention and treatment
  •     The study of antioxidant effects of drugs
  •     The study of mutagenicity effects of drugs

   Pharmaceutical nanothechnology
  •     Drug loaded nanocarriers for efficient cancer drug delivery
  •     Design of novel biosensors for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases

  •     Peptide and protein drug delivery
  •     Liposomal Drug delivery
  •     Cosmeceuticals and cosmetics
  •     Controlled release drug delivery systems
  •     Polymeric (natural &synthetic) nanoparticulate drug delivery systems
  •     Magnetic nanocarriers
  •     Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamics of drugs
  •     Bio equivalency
  •     Pharmacy practice studies

   Toxicology & pharmacology
  •     Cellular models of chemical and herbal drug's toxicity and safety
  •     Mechanistic approach of drugs, chemicals and heavy metals on isolated mitochondria
  •     Mechanistic approach of psychiatric disorder and stroke emphasis in behavioral and molecular studies

  •     Pharmacognostic evaluation of medicinal plants
  •     Extraction and isolation of natural compounds
  •     Novel drug delivery systems for natural products
  •     Biological activity of natural products
  •     Phytotherapy
  •     Ethnopharmacology
  •     Traditional Iranian pharmacy

   Medicinal chemistry
  •     Design , synthesis and biological activity evaluation (anticancer, antimicrobial and anti-coagulant, anti-inflammatory,…) of new chemical compounds
  •     HPLC, GC and LC mass Drug Analysis
  •     Drug delivery by polymeric nanoparticles
  •     Synthesis of polymeric prodrugs
  •     Drug delivery with Magnetite
  •     Evaluation of drugs  dissolution  and drugs stability  in presence of some polymers and co solvents in different formulations
  •     Model formation and analysis of drugs’ physicochemical properties
  •     Evaluation of mobile phases effects on drug remaining in HPLC system.

  •     Clinical pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics
  •     Drug utilization evaluation (DUE)
  •     Clinical trials
  •     Medication reconciliation
  •     Pharmacotherapy:
                   a.    Pharmacotherapy in critical cares
                   b.    Transplantation pharmacotherapy