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:: Introduction of the International Relations Office ::
 | Post date: 2017/12/13 | 
Zanjan University of Medical Sciences (ZUMS) has its seat as a paramount university amongst Iranian Medical Universities. Currently, it has more than 3820 students in Medical Sciences fields, more than 347 Faculty members and several research centers.
Endless and around- the –clock progress in communication technologies across the world and global availability of such networks have brought about outstanding changes in the world, which, in turn, can pose more demands for international scientific and research exchanges. So the department of the international relations office in line with the ministerial policy statement similar to all other universities of medical sciences is trying to expand international collaboration in the field of health sciences. Taking the illustrated reasons into account, the deemed strategies for ZUMS in terms of globalization and development of international activities have been planned and followed in 5 different areas. Focusing on health diplomacy and bilateral relations, improving quality of hospital services, development of health tourism, educational improvement, and provision of facilities for foreign students, Promoting medical drug quality and equipments and exporting them are some of the most significant considerations in this area. Due to these reasons, international logistic chart has been gathered in order to recognize the potentialities and capacities to develop international relations with certain numbers of targeted countries. Likewise, the IRO takes steps  to exchange the latest scientific findings and new technologies with the universities, institutions and international scientific organizations to set forth  global ranking of the university and achieve international accreditation.
Activities of International Relations Office:
• Announcing Zanjan University of Medical Sciences at scientific and international associations.
• Analyzing the status of indicators of university promotion in international systems and participation in the promotion of academic rankings.
• Accreditation for promotion of international rankings and advancement of university standards according to global ranking measures.
• Planning and suggesting policies and related programs about the development of international scientific co- operations of the university.
• Recognizing the qualifications of pivot universities for programming and joint actions and benefiting of their capacities.
• Paving the way for admission of foreign students.
• Efforts and planning in the field of drug production and its export.
• Communication with Health Technology Office in the field of commercialization and international relations.
• Introducing the potentialities of treatment centers toserve ashealth tourism and its improvement via joint actions with deputy of treatment.
• Inviting experienced Iranian professors residing abroad and foreign experts to exchange the latest scientific information.
• Conducting joint research projects with both domestic and foreign universities and research centers.
• Participating at the international exhibitions to display capabilities and achievements of the university.
• Preparing required facilities for faculty members to participate in national and international congresses.
• Concluding Memoranda of Understanding for the establishment and consolidation of multilateral cooperation in various fields of health, treatment, education and research with universities and research centers, organizations, and international associations.
• Providing database forIranian researchers abroad.
• Planning and providing facilities for holding national, regional and international conferences and publishing their results.
• Implementation of the procedures for allocating study opportunities to qualified members of the faculty and facilitating their deployment.
• Supporting workshops and training courses toward the end of internationalization. 
• Consulting and guiding faculty members, researchers about international affairs.
• Communicating and affiliating with international associations and organizations, such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO
For more information and also for being in touch with the office please contact us:
Dr. Giti Karimkhanlooei,
Email Address:
Akbar Mansouri 
Associate Director
Email Address:
Zahra Babalou
Associate Director
Email Address:
Nahid Khalafi   
Associate Director
Email Address:
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