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 | Post date: 2018/04/24 | 
Visions of International Relations Office:
  • Announcing Zanjan University of Medical Sciences at scientific and international associations.
  • Analyzing the status of indicators of university promotion in international systems and participation in the promotion of academic rankings.
  • Accreditation for promotion of international rankings and advancement of university standards according to global ranking measures.
  • Planning and suggesting policies and related programs about the development of international scientific co- operations of the university.
  • Recognizing the qualifications of pivot universities for programming and joint actions and benefiting of their capacities.
  • Paving the way for admission of foreign students.
  • Efforts and planning in the field of drug production and its export.
  • Communication with Health Technology Office in the field of commercialization and international relations.
  • Introducing the potentialities of treatment centers to serve as health tourism and its improvement via joint actions with deputy of treatment.
  • Inviting experienced Iranian professors residing abroad and foreign experts to exchange the latest scientific information.
  • Conducting joint research projects with both domestic and foreign universities and research centers.
  • Participating at the international exhibitions to display capabilities and achievements of the university.
  • Preparing required facilities for faculty members to participate in national and international congresses.
  • Concluding Memoranda of Understanding for the establishment and consolidation of multilateral cooperation in various fields of health, treatment, education and research with universities and research centers, organizations, and international associations.
  • Providing a database for Iranian researchers abroad.
  • Planning and providing facilities for holding national, regional and international conferences and publishing their results.
  • Implementation of the procedures for allocating study opportunities to qualified members of the faculty and facilitating their deployment.
  • Supporting workshops and training courses toward the end of internationalization.
  • Consulting and guiding faculty members, researchers about international affairs.
  • Communicating and affiliating with international associations and organizations, such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO
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