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Clinical laboratory at this center provides a vital role that plays an essential part in the delivery of quality health care.
A physician or other clinician orders lab tests to diagnose, treat, manage  or monitor a patient's condition.the process begins with the collection of a sample of blood, tissue or their biological matter from the patient which is then sent to the laboratory where it is uniquely identified and examined for making certain that it is appropriate for testing is ordered by the health care provider.
Most of the tests at this center are performe by using  the advanced technically instrumentation.
In this lab,employees are highly skilled in analysing experiments.




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آدرس : زنجان - بالاتر از میدان ولیعصر - مرکز آموزش درمانی حضرت ولیعصر ( عج )                                                     Address: valiasr Hospital,Valiasr square,Zanjan
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