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about valiasr hospital
Medical educational center of Hazrat e Vali-asr as the most equipped reception center of internal medicine of Zanjan region, utilizing specialized and committed personnel and using efficient technologies in the field of education, research, diagnosis and treatment provides desirable services based on the following issues:
Patient safety
Health preservation and its promotion
Client appreciation
Health based education and research
A pioneer in providing (standard) healthcare services and attracting clients’ trust, and succeeding to become as one of the top centers of diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer of country
  1. Preserving and enhancing of the clients dignity and the staff respect
  2. Justice based approach
  3. Utilizing collective wisdom in administration
  4. Knowledge based approach
  5. Take social responsibility and take care about environmental obligations
  6. Adhere to religious values and professional ethics
  7. Behave in accordance with defined order, discipline and rules
  8. financial Transparency
  1. Achieving Customer Confidence and enhancing client satisfaction
  2. Continues improvement of quality
  3. Continues improvement of safety
  4. Improving the hospital productivity
  5. Improving the employees’ satisfaction and enhancing the human capital
  6. Providing, preserving and enhancing the health
  7. Improving the performance of Finance management
  8. Providing an appropriate infrastructure for organizational education and research
Office of Quality Improvement and Accreditation
In 1383, Vali-asr hospital as the first hospital at the countrywide obtained the quality management system certification (ISO9001:2000ISO9001: 2000) from SGS company of Switzerland. This system annually has been reviewed and extended by the mentioned company.The last awarded certification by SGS is for 1394 that has not been executed as the consequence of announcing national accreditation standards that require hospitals to implement and execute these standards as ministerial obligation for enhancing healthcare quality development. In 1392, clinical governance festival awarded the center as one of the best centers of country to providing the obliged standards. This center also has awarded 1+ and 1certification subsequently in 1393 and 1394. The most significant activities carried out in order to implement the quality improvement system and standards requirements of the National Accreditation Center are:
  1. hospital all process identifying, routine instructions preparing related to all departments in form of more 2000 documents
  2. continues internal audit of all therapeutic, clinical, para-clinical, administrative and supportive departments.
  3. Needs assessment and training planning based on training standards that they are necessary for staff including doctors, nurses, para-clinic and so on.
  4. Organizing 26 hospital committees for the purpose of collective decision-making.
  5. Identifying nonconforming items regarding to patient provided services and resolving problems through corrective and preventive actions.
  6. Continues and regular inpatient and outpatient satisfactory measurement, and trying to resolve the people's dissatisfaction.
  7. Data collecting and analyzing the acquired information from the measuring and monitoring of the indicators and processes.
Also, this center has 300 approved beds for treating of internal, surgery, oncology, infectious, neurology and ENT.
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آدرس : زنجان - بالاتر از میدان ولیعصر - مرکز آموزش درمانی حضرت ولیعصر ( عج )                                                     Address: valiasr Hospital,Valiasr square,Zanjan
کد پستی : 77978-45157                                                                                                                                                    Zip code :  45157-77978