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 | Post date: 2018/06/17 | 
 The Anatomy Sciences Department of the university has started admissions to the M.A. program of the Anatomy field since 2011 till now.
Currently, the 3 students that received  admission in 2016 are working on their thesis and the 3 students who started studying in this department in 2018 are passing their theoretical courses.
The faculty members are as following:
  • Dr. Iraj Jafari Anarkoli (Professor of Anatomy Sciences)
  • Dr. Reza Nejatbakhsh (Associate Professor of Anatomy Sciences)
  • Dr. Saeed Shokri (Associate Professor of Anatomy Sciences)
  • Dr. Alireza Abdanipour (Associate Professor of Anatomy Sciences)
  • Dr. Javad Fereydouni (Assistant Professor of Anatomy Sciences)
  • Dr. Mitra Arianmanesh (Assistant Professor of Reproduction Biology)
  • Dr. Zahra Abdi (Assistant Professor of Anatomy Sciences)
  • Dr. Seyedeh Momeneh Mohammadi (Assistant Professor of Anatomy Sciences)

Aims of the Experts and Graduates of the Field:
The field of anatomy sciences is one of the important fields of basic sciences that studies human body construction and has three sub branches: 1. Anatomy 2. Histology 3. Embryology.
The graduates of the field will be able to work in the following fields:
  • Teaching the practical courses of anatomy, histology, and embryology
  • Fixing corpses and preserving the fixed corpses and organs
  • Dissecting the corpse and knowing the natural variations of the human body
  • Provision of microscope slides (histology and embryology)
  • Research activities in the field of anatomy sciences
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