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:: Hospital Introduction ::
 | Post date: 2019/04/29 | 
Alghadir Hospital

Amongst the ZUMS’s leading hospitals, Alghadir Hospital is the third biggest hospital in Zanjan province and the biggest care-giving facility in Abhar town area. This facility emphasizes on providing high-quality medical care to patients at one of the quietest and most desirable scenes in the city.
The complex was planned on a land with an area of 5.3 hectares and an infrastructure of 17 square meters, by Mohandesin Moshavere Shoura Company, under the supervision of
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. It is located on the southeast of Abhar on the 2nd kilometer of Aznab-Abhar road. The project was carried out by Koumar and Pars Arvin Company in 2009. Following factors were brought to consideration whilst designing the hospital;
 Technical criteria, up to date standards (e.g: 2800 regulations, 21 articles on national building codes and regulations of WHO, safe hospital regulations in 9 volumes, publications and directives of the Management and Planning Organization and the hospital rules of the ministry of Health and Medical Education.)
 Considering local need for medical and paramedical education, educational facilities were built around this center.
At 1st of August of 2017, the center started to work at the presence of minister of health, Dr.Seyed Hasan Gazizade Hashemi, the head of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Dr.Alireza Biglari, and other provincial authorities, launching support units, official units, and Para clinical units such as Endoscopy and Laboratory, woman’s and men’s inertial sections with 70 active beds, under the supervision of Dr.Koroush Shabani.
On November of 2017 hospital expanded its services by adding CCU, Cardiac section and Pediatric section.
Eventually at 25th of December of 2017, after Dr.Ali Ammari was appointed as the head supervisor of the facility, by the head of the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Dr.Parviz Gezelbash, the hospital startup activities speeded up more so.
After setting up some new units including central oxygen system, central suction system, central heatsink system, CSR unit, sonography and radiology (working 24/7), and expanding active units such as Laboratories and other support systems; Surgery unit with 5 separated and well-equipped surgery rooms, Maternity block, Men’s surgery section and Women’s surgery section, unit of Obstetrics and Gynecology, ICU, NICU also started to service.
Indeed, the hospital offers a variety of prime and specialty care for patients at any age range facing disease and complaint. Throughout the whole hospital, an immense coordination of critical care specialists and professional physicians, has been brought together to best convey easy and available health care services to our esteemed patients.
As mentioned the hospital is equipped with multiple sections and wards, including: Cardiac section, Children’s and Infants’ section(Pediatric unit), Women’s surgery section, Men’s surgery section, Women’s internal section, Men’s internal section, Maternity block section, NICU section, ICU section, CCU section, Surgery room section, Orology section, Emergency room section, Children’s clinic; and specialized clinics, including: General Surgery, Orthopedics
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardiovascular, Neurosurgery clinic, Internal diseases, Infectious diseases; Also some para clinics were launched to ease access to quicker medical care, including; Laboratory, Radiology, Sonography, Endoscopy, Pharmacy.
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