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:: Operation room ::
 | Post date: 2019/04/29 | 
Operation room
Part of the operating room equipment includes: cystoscopy, yurtoscopy, laparoscopic types, valid anesthetic devices,
Beds with the ability to perform all kinds of positions, Medcla suction with high suction power and no sound and electrocautery with internal and external pods, portable radiology, oxygen and N2O central.
Opration room services
The Opration room of the alghadir hospital has 5 operating room with modern surgical equipment and anesthesia for the provision of services to patients in need of surgery. The general practitioner (GP) and anesthesiologist are 24-hour resident in this hospital.
The surgical procedures performed at this center include:
• General surgical procedures (gastrointestinal surgery, and appendectomy, laparoscopy, Cholecystectomy, hernia, etc.)
• Gynecological surgery (hysterectomy, cesarean section(C/S),..)
• Surgery of the spine and central nervous system (craniotomy, cranioplasty, subdural and epidertal hematoma discharge, shunt and CD)
• Massive orthopedic surgeries (knee replacement, hip replacement, interlacing, etc.)
• Urology surgery (open prostate surgery, TURP, TURBT, urinary tract removal by uteroscopy, duct stenosis, testicular torsion

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