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:: Endoscopy ::
 | Post date: 2019/04/29 | 
Endoscopy provides the ability to see and view the inside of the body for diagnostic or sometimes therapeutic purposes by specialists.
This unit is located on the ground floor of a side street of the eastern entrance of the underground, including a patient lobby, a nursing station, a patient reception, an examination room, a recovery room and two endoscopic rooms with up-to-date equipment.
The equipment in this section includes:
Pentax Endoscopy Machine, Fujifilm Endoscopy Film and Portable Monitor, two beds that each bed has a console and each console includes central oxygen, central suction, lighting system, nurse summoning system. Oxygen and Portable suction are available for use in the emergency situations.
Section process:
Patients are admitted as an outpatient or hospitalized with a specialist order in the endoscope unit. Then, in the recovery room, take the iv line and give the patient the necessary training. The endoscopy is performed by a specialist and the patient is returned to the recovery room. Ultimately, after giving the endoscopic report to the patient, recommendations are given and the patient is discharged.

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