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:: About the Library ::
 | تاریخ ارسال: 1398/11/14 | 
Introduction :
The library of Valiasr hospital was established on the ground floor of the main building of this hospital in 1999, at the beginning of its official activity, in an area of ​​about 125 square meters. This library is highly specialized and has a collection of English/Persian books, journals, and newspapers covering the main fields of medicine, nursing and especially in the specialties of Internal diseases, Infectious and tropical diseases, Neurological diseases, Ophthalmology, and ENT. Also to promote the hospital's educational, research and medical activities, the library has provided various collections of e-books. This library uses the NLM classification system
library working times:
The library's working hours are as follows:
Circulation desk and Other Library Services: Saturday to Thursday: 7/30-22 .  Except for holidays.
Study hall: Saturday to Thursdays: 7/30-22 .  Except for holidays.
Study hall :

The Study hall has 33 seats with light and good ventilation, suitable for use by Faculty Members, physicians, students, and others. The Repository section is in the Study hall.
The library repository is managed open access and patrons can borrow books for two weeks, and renew for up to a month, if needed and available, by offering a valid membership card. The library contains 2100 Persian and 1000 English medical books. This section attempts to gather the latest and the most credible resources related to the field of hospital activity.
Journals Section:  
All English medical journals have been available electronically since 2007 and can be accessed and retrieved from the world's most recent scientific and research articles from the University's Digital Library page at the below address :
Library Computer Site:
It Provides access to the internet and databases with PCs 3. In addition to electronic services, this section teaches interested clients in new ways of using search engines and databases.
Contact Us:
Address: library of valiasr hospitalValiasr Hospital, Valiasr Square, Zanjan , Iran
TEL:  024 33023202
EMAIL : valiasrzanjan_lib 
ZIP code: 4515777978
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