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:: General Regulations ::
 | Post date: 2020/04/13 | 
General Regulations of the Festival: (In Seven Sections)

•    The secretariat of the festival has the legal right to publish art works in print media, cultural publicity, publicity in and out of the country 
       by mentioning the artist's name.
•    Material and intellectual property of the art works will be reserved for the participant; otherwise, all legal works will be the responsibility of the submitter of the work and the festival secretariat will not be responsible for this violation.
•    There is no age limitation for participating in the various sections of the festival, with the exception of the children's section.
•    Works must be submitted at the specified time.
•    The final decision in unpredicted circumstances that are not included in the current regulations, or ambiguities arising from its provisions  and changes in some regulations, are the festival secretariat responsibilities and the secretariat's opinion is decisive in such situations and will be free of any objections or claims.
•    Completion of the application form for participation in the festival means acceptance of all regulations.
•    The works presented in the special section must be related to the beginning of Corona disease outbreak in the world.
•    After receiving the art works in the secretariat of the festival, it is not possible to remove the work in any way.
•    The language  of the art works must be English.
The label of the submitted file should be as follows: 
•    Name – Artwork Title - (Main or Covid19) 
•    (Please  enter the file name "Main"  for the works related to the main part of the Festival  and "Covid-19"for the works related to the special part)
•    The description of each work (title, name of the owner of the work and production group, description of the concept, etc.) should be sent in the form of a pdf file with the same name as the video file. 
•    Note: The request for participation in the festival must be completed and sent only by the artist (producer of the work) or her/his legal representative.
•    Note:  All accepted works will be awarded a certificate of participation in the festival.
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