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 | Post date: 2020/06/23 | 

Our academic programs can prepare the students for an advanced degree at a four-year period. If you want to enter the workforce right after your graduation, you’ll get the skills you need through our certificate. You can get in touch with our Academic Advisement International affairs Office to find out more. It is expected to bring a paradigm in raising the standard and quality of education, training and examination of health professionals that is in line with the contemporary needs and developments.

In the meantime, the Allied Medical program at ZUMS prepare graduates for the future roles of health professional.

In its graduate certificate programs, four years in Allied Medical Sciences courses are delivered covering a wide range of fields.  Students learn to provide support to society, drawing on a distinctive incorporation of efficient and professional skills. The School of Allied Medical Sciences offers a splendid learning environment that permits the students to fulfill their potential and safeguards its graduates for practicing in the current and ever-changing health care sectors.


Once the students complete the 4-year Allied Medical Sciences programs, they will be eligible and well prepared to take the Master degree exams to advance their studies or to enter directly to work fields. Graduates of this school have consistently scored above the provincial average on the national exams.


Program Highlights

  • The students obtain a vast amount of classroom and practical learning.
  • A variety of Allied Medical Sciences program experiences lead to the development of the student’s skills.
  • Clinical teaching happen in a variety of hospitals.
  • Recently, there are opportunities for international exchange.
  • Also, the students learn to:
              1-Communicate and interact effectively and appropriately
              2-Use relevant theory and practices in the problem areas.
              3-Integrate and perform delegated controlled medical acts in simulated, clinical and field settings
  • As a allied medical sciences graduate, the students will have the know-how to demonstrate the ability to:
               1-Communicate effectively and appropriately with patients and others.
               2-Assess their progress and their work using relevant theory and practice.
              3-Evaluate in an ongoing manner the effectiveness of patient management strategies used and adapt or change strategies to provide optimal care for  patients.





Radiological technology

8  semesters

Clinical laboratory sciences

8  semesters

Occupational therapy

8  semesters



The School presents courses taking advantage of the affiliated hospitals of the University such as Vali-e asr hospital, Beheshti Hospital and  Ayatollah Mousavi Hospital.












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