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 | Post date: 2020/09/21 | 
Dr.Alireza Sadry P.HD       

Born :1968
Graduated general medical from …….university since 1995
Graduated anesthesiologist from   …….university since 2010
Recruitment in Zanjan medical university since 2000

Dr.Mostafa Hojati Lohrasby P.HD

Born :……
Graduated general medical fromm medical Babol university sice……
Graduated general Surgery fromTabriz medical university since….
He has performed 5000 sucsessful
surgeries to now ,and also he hastwo articles published in Turkish magazines.
Dr.Khatere Gol Mohammady P.HD

Graduated general medical from Tehran shahid beheshty university since…..
Graduated gynecological and obstetric surgeon from Tehran university since…
sample doctor of Khodabandeh city in 2014 passed infertility and IUI training course from Tehran university in 2015
Dr Khatere Golmohamadi >>>  CV
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