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 | Post date: 2021/04/13 | 

Facilities & Laboratories

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The Anatomy Halls including: 
A-Cadaver storage and fixation room:

  • In this room, after the cadaver is delivered, it is first taken to the storage room, and following preparation of the fixative materials, the cadaver is fixed on the fixing table using fixation pump.
  • There are two gross anatomy theatres for use of the students of medicine, dentistry, MSCs of anatomy, and other students studying in medical fields;
  • There is a gross anatomy theatre which is used by the PhD students and for research purposes;

 B- The Model and Bone Room:

  • This is a saloon like location with shelves for keeping various human body models including organs, and bones. There are also some natural human bones, and some artificial ones for use of all students.

C- The Practical Histology Classroom:

  • In the classroom which is available for practical histological studies w, there are ? student microscopes, a video-microscope; the services are being rendered to PhD General Students of Medicine, Dentistry, and MSCs in Anatomical Sciences.

Remarks on Dissection hall and Equipment of the Department of Anatomy Sciences
Educational Equipment of the Department:
  1. Classes are equipped with educational devices (TV, computer, etc.) for higher education students.
  2. Dissection hall is equipped with 3 corpse-preserving refrigerators, 6 fixed corpses, a corpse fixation table, a fixation pool, and 4 dissection tables.
  3. A class is equipped with a video projector and moulage for teaching practical anatomy courses.
  4. A class is equipped with a virtual dissection table.
  5. A histotechnology laboratory is equipped with the following devices:
    1. Fluorescent microscope 
    2. Casa microscope
    3. Microtome
    4. Bath
    5. Paraffin dispenser
    6. Hotplate
    7. Automatic tissue processor
    8. Oven
    9. A 5-lens teacher-student microscope
    10. Light microscope
    11. Elisa reader
    12. 2 refrigerators and 20 freezers
    13. interstitial tissue staining jar
    14. Western blot device and special equipment
  6. Cell and embryo culturing laboratory equipped with:
    1. Laminar hood
    2. 2 CO2 incubators
    3. A Simple and a refrigerated centrifuge
    4. Nikon inverted microscope
    5. Motic stereo microscope
    6. Digital balance
    7. Refrigerator and 20 freezer
  7. Histology laboratory equipped with:
  1. A central microscope equipped with a camera
  2. 25 light microscopes
  3. Around 40 PCs
  4. A video projector

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