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 | Post date: 2021/04/22 | 

Educational Calendar

Days 8-10 10-12 12-14 (Practical)
Saturday Physiology2 for Medicine(Pardis)
Physiology1 for Dentistry
Physiology4 for Medicine(Pardis)
Physiology 2 for Dentistry
Physiology for Laboratory sciences(Practical)
Physiology2 for Medicine(A) Physiology for Dentistry(A)
Sunday Physiology2 for Medicine(Pardis)
Physiology for Occupational therapy
PhathoPhysiology for Nutrition Science
Physiology1 for Medicine
Physiology for Laboratory sciences
Physiology for Nursing
Physiology for Dentistry(B)
Monday Physiology 2 for Dentistry
Physiology for Nutrition Science
Physiology1 for Medicine
Physiology1 for Pharmacy
Physiology2 for Medicine(B)
(6 sessions)
Tuesday Physiology2 for Pharmacy(Pardis)
Physiology 2 for Midwifery
Physiology3 for Medicine
Physiology2 for Medicine(C)
6 sessions))
Wednesday Physiology1 for Pharmacy
Physiology 2 for Anesthesiology
Physiology2 for Pharmacy(Pardis)
Physiology4 for Medicine(Pardis)
Physiology3 for Medicine
Physiology 1 for operating room
Physiology for Pharmacy

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