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:: Head of Pre-Hospital Emergency and Accident Management in Zanjan Province - 2021/03/1 -
:: Vaccination against corona disease began in Zanjan - 2021/03/1 -
:: The meeting of Leading Board of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences was held under the presidency of Dr. Parviz Ghezelbash. - 2021/02/7 -
:: The seasonal meeting of the Council for International Affairs in the 6th regional division of the universities of Medical Sciences was hold. - 2021/02/7 -
:: The head of Tarom Health Network in a joint meeting of the Fighting- against- Corona virus Headquarters: - 2021/01/31 -
:: Expressing appreciation for the best candidates to the specialty board at Zanjan University of Medical Sciences. - 2021/01/31 -
:: A meeting was held to review the status of hospital emergency projects for corona disease. - 2021/01/27 -
:: About 5 percent of the people in the province do not have insurance. - 2021/01/27 -
:: The twelfth meeting of the Internationalization Council of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences was held. - 2021/01/26 -
:: Achieving the top rank in the country by the recruitment center of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences The recruitment center of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences was ranked among the recruitmen - 2021/01/26 -
:: Installation of the second advanced angiography device in Zanjan. - 2021/01/20 -
:: Setting up a dialysis unit in Isar Hospita - 2021/01/20 -
:: The meeting of the provincial council of the leadership representative offices was held in the universities of Zanjan province. - 2021/01/20 -
:: A meeting of the Corona Prevention Action Base was held - 2021/01/20 -
:: The decrease in the number of Covid -19 is due to the efforts and support of the people. - 2021/01/20 -
:: The meeting of the board of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and the university headquarters of coronavirus prevention and control was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Parviz Ghezelbash. - 2021/01/11 -
:: Commencement of executive operations of the semi-finished projects of the central self-service of the university and the burn accident building of Ayatollah Mousavi Hospital / Visit of the Vice Chance - 2021/01/11 -
:: Dr. Maryam Nobarani Stated in the Afiat Program that We Have Limitations Regarding Insulin Pens, but We Are Not Worried About this. - 2021/01/11 -
:: The Management of the Disease is the Most Important Factor in Prevention of Covid-19. - 2021/01/11 -
:: Children and infant’s specialist, said on Thursday, 25th Dec. in Afiat TV program: Testing time for a baby after birth from a suspected or infected mother is 24 to 48 hours. - 2021/01/2 -
:: Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences in a press conference held on the occasion of Research Week on Dec 3rd, stated: - 2021/01/2 -
:: Governor of Zanjan in the celebration of Nurse's Day; The position of the nurse in the medical system is a special and privileged position - 2021/01/2 -
:: On the occasion of Research Week - 2021/01/2 -
:: A coordination meeting of the Early Cancer Diagnosis Center was held - 2020/10/6 -
:: Covid 19 Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory, in cooperation with the laboratory affair sector of Vice- Chancellor of Treatment of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences accompanied by Technical Empowerme - 2020/10/6 -
:: Message from the Minister of Health on the occasion of World Environmental Health Day - 2020/10/6 -
:: In the meeting of the working group for controlling irrigation of agricultural fields with raw sewage, it was emphasized to continue the activity and intensify the supervision by the relevant agencies - 2020/10/6 -
:: Amir Zabihollah Khaksar and Dr. Mohammad Sorour visited Zanjan Air Emergency Capacities. - 2020/10/6 -
:: The first meeting of the Midwifery Council of Urban Centers was held to examine the causes of infant death in the first quarter of 2020 in urban centers, counseling on healthy childbearing and fertili - 2020/09/26 -
:: Dr. Parviz Ghezelbash appreciated the efforts and efforts of the hospital staff, and closely considered the services provided to patients with the coronavirus. - 2020/09/26 -
:: Special Inspector of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education visited the hospital wards of Khodabandeh Network Dr. Heidari, accompanied by the head of the health network and the head - 2020/09/26 -
:: Head of Provincial Emergency: Zanjan has been known as a leading province in providing emergency services in the country - 2020/09/26 -
:: Scientific Secretary of Neonatal Corona at Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services; Coronavirus disease is transmitted through mother-child communication Dr. Asghar Marzban in the - 2020/08/4 -
:: The second meeting of the officials of the English website of the deputies, hospitals and schools in 2020. The second meeting of the English website of the departments and hospitals in 2020 was held - 2020/08/4 -
:: Receiving a statue and a special plaque for combatting coronavirus propaganda by the Public Relations Office of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences in the 5th Iranian Advertising and Public Relation - 2020/08/4 -
:: Dean of the School of Medicine; Through the days of conflict with Coronavirus disease, the country's work cycle of treatment, health and education are incessantly taking the burden of their duties. - 2020/08/4 -
:: Vice Chancellor for Health, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences; 20 beds will be added to the capacity of the province's ICU beds - 2020/08/4 -
:: The story of the empathy of the Iranian people; from yesterday to today The corona is not finished - 2020/08/4 -
:: The governor of Zanjan reported; The coronavirus outbreak in Zanjan is under control. - 2020/08/4 -
:: With the announcement of the Minister of Health; Dr. Parviz Ghezelbash was appointed as the Chairman of the General Council of the 6th region of the country - 2020/08/4 -
:: Governor of Zanjan: Our greatest mission is to ensure the health of the people - 2020/08/4 -
:: The meeting of the Anti-Corona Cooperation Headquarters was held in Zanjan with the presentation of a report on the state of Covid 19 disease in the province, holding several meetings with unions, baz - 2020/07/9 -
:: Vice Chancellor for Food and Drug, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences; We do not have a shortage in the supply of masks and disinfectants - 2020/07/9 -
:: The increasing in the number of people with corona in Zanjan province is worrisome. Dr. Parviz Ghezelbash stated on the radio program about the increasing in the number of patients with coronavirus sa - 2020/07/9 -
:: Launching two specialized and doctoral programs at Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and establishing a research center on social factors affecting health With the announcement of the high offici - 2020/07/9 -
:: Zanjan University of Medical Sciences International Affairs Management Meeting A meeting was held with the officials of the English website, hospitals and colleges : The first new-year meeting of the - 2020/07/9 -
:: Internal Medicine Specialist; The cause of the coronavirus outbreak in recent days is the presence of people in the community Dr. Mousavi Zenooz, an internal medicine specialist, said :the reason for - 2020/07/9 -
:: Director of Environmental Health Department, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences; Catering halls and swimming pools are still closed - 2020/07/9 -
:: Appreciation of the First Vice President for the staff of doctors and nurses at the forefront of the fight against Covid 19 - 2020/07/9 -
:: Governor of Zanjan; The situation is not normal. Do not be inadvertent. - 2020/07/9 -
:: Lung and ICU specialist said: Dr. Effat Rafiei stated in the health program: "Some people who have recovered from coronavirus will have permanent complications from this disease, so that they will no - 2020/07/7 -
:: The first interview session of international students applying to study general medicine at Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services was held virtually in the academic year of 2020-2 - 2020/07/7 -
:: Organized by the Deputy of Health of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences; The coordination meeting of the National Tobacco-Free Week programs was held and reached the conclusion with the approval - 2020/06/11 -
:: The governor of Zanjan stressed that no cure for corona disease has been found so far, saying: "Everyone should continue to follow health protocols, and the experiences of the past few months have sho - 2020/06/11 -
:: Neurologist in Health Program; The reason for MS phobia arises from incorrect information and misrepresentation of the disease - 2020/06/11 -
:: Deputy of Health of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences: If we see the open hookah houses anywhere in the city, they will be closed until the eradication of corona Dr. Mohammad Reza Saeini, in a - 2020/06/11 -
:: The National Week without Tobacco will be held this year from May 26 to June 1 with the national slogan "Protecting Public Health against the tricks of tobacco industries and Corona Disease". - 2020/06/11 -
:: Congratulation message from the President of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences on the occasion of World Communication and Public Relations Day Dr. Parviz Ghezelbash issued a congratulation message - 2020/06/10 -
:: Director General of Sports and Youth of Zanjan Province: ١٤ Zanjan sports clubs have been sealed / ١٣ sports are reactivated - 2020/06/10 -
:: Governor of Zanjan: We are moving from corona management to disease control The governor of Zanjan says: observing social distance should still be a priority in people's daily lives - 2020/06/10 -
:: Director General of Zanjan Theological College Service Centerof the Province; The Director General of Zanjan Seminary Service Center appreciated the efforts of the senior management of Zanjan Unive - 2020/05/10 -
:: Infectious disease specialist; The coronavirus is unknown and it is not clear yet if it will decrease in the hot season. - 2020/05/10 -
:: There is no precise and yet proven information about the transmission of the virus from a positive mother to a fetus - 2020/05/10 -
:: The God-pleasing action of the reputable Iran Transfo Company will surely be recorded in history - 2020/05/10 -
:: Selection of Zanjan province as a pilot and a national example in the corona virus screening plan - 2020/05/3 -
:: Complete recovery of three patients with corona in Khorramdareh city and returning to the family - 2020/05/3 -
:: On the sixth day of the health week Unveiling of the second delivery of donations by Tarom city people residing in Tehran and Karaj - 2020/05/2 -
:: President of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences; Documentation of Zanjan screening pilot project jointly with the World Health Organization - 2020/05/2 -
:: Head of the Intensive Care Unit for Acute Stroke in Zanjan Province;  Zanjan Acute Stroke Center has been recognized as the best center for recording and treating acute stroke patients - 2020/05/2 -
:: Improved infrastructure to provide virtual learning to students - 2020/04/13 -
:: People with disabilities are suseptible to corona virus infection - 2020/04/13 -
:: A meeting of the technical department of documentation, information and training was held. - 2020/04/13 -
:: "The role of cultural institutions in justifying and convincing people at this time is very important that they should help to control Corona virus by entering the scene and controlling the situation - 2020/04/13 -
:: National Festival for cultural and artistic works in the field of art and health with the theme of Corona - 2020/04/13 -
:: The elderly are advised to stay calm and not to be obsessive - 2020/04/13 -
:: Jujube brew strengthens the immune system and clears the lungs - 2020/04/13 -
:: People with suspicious symptoms are tested on an outpatient basis which is among the innovative measures provided in Zanjan province, - 2020/04/13 -
:: We continue the Corona virus programs with vigor, and the programs are expanding day by day - 2020/04/13 -
:: Corona control along with education and behavior change awareness should be created in the community - 2020/03/15 -
:: Training session on how to record Korona virus self-report in Zanjan city - 2020/03/15 -
:: Launching the SALALAMATGOV.IR system to designate people's health - 2020/03/15 -
:: The 11th Coronavirus Staff Meeting in Zanjan - 2020/03/15 -
:: The 11th Coronavirus Staff Meeting in Zanjan - 2020/03/15 -
:: Prediction of peak of coronavirus disease in Zanjan province is late March and early April - 2020/03/15 -
:: Staying home is the most important factor in breaking down the new coronavirus disease chain - 2020/03/15 -
:: The head of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences ؛ said that disinfectant solution and sanitary ware will be distributed free of charge in Zanjan city - 2020/03/14 -
:: Dr. Parviz Ghezelbash said at the Provincial Information Council meeting: "The core of the fight against the Corona virus is education and information, which is at the forefront of the media community - 2020/03/14 -
:: The head of Zanjan Emergency Management Center announced the province's emergency preparedness to serve potential coronary patients. - 2020/03/14 -
:: Health System in the Mass Media (February 29th, 2020) Zanjan has no registered coronary virus disease / Vali Asr, the hospital that supports suspected cases. - 2020/03/14 -
:: February 27th, 2020 To prevent and control the new coronavirus; Training and disinfection of Khorram Darreh Railways and Fire Station - 2020/03/14 -
:: Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and Imam Khomeini Relief Committee to build 23 residential units Memorandum of Understanding between Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and with the participa - 2020/02/1 -
:: Health System in the Mass Media (January 21st, 2020) Patient congestion in specialist physicians' offices is the outcome of the insufficiency of patient referral system - 2020/02/1 -
:: Towards the 10th National Mobilization of Healthy Nutrition and Health Promotion of Students; Visiting the Allameh Tabatabai School located in District 2 as part of the 10th National Mobility Nutriti - 2020/02/1 -
:: January 23rd, 2020 The head of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences in a sincerely meeting with the staff of the education vice- chancellery - 2020/02/1 -
:: January 23rd, 2020 At White Robe Celebration for the Students of medicine, the head of the School of Medicine stated: The clinical course is the art of communicating and applying prior learning. - 2020/02/1 -
:: November 26th, 2019 An decision making meeting for tobacco sellers advertisement rules was organized - 2019/12/7 -
:: One-day seminar on influenza - 2019/12/7 -
:: A lady from Zanjan won the gold medal in the rowing competitions of the disabled - 2019/12/7 -
:: November 27th, 2019 The 19th meeting of the Provincial Water Safety Committee was held - 2019/12/7 -
:: October 23rd, 2019 Health System in the Mass Media Socializing in the countryside / shutting down projects that do not benefit the province - 2019/11/7 -
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