Immunology- Introduction

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Department of Immunology undertakes training in all fields and programs of Ph.D., M.A., Professional Doctorate in Medicine, Pharmacology, Dentistry, Paramedicine, Medical Laboratory, Obstetrics, Nursing, Operating Room, etc. in all faculties of the university. Besides, research proposals in different fields of Immunology are presented by our colleagues at national, international, and university levels. Ph.D., Public Doctorate, M.A. Thesis, and Resident courses are being developed by professors of the department, as supervisors and counselors.

M.A. of Immunology has currently 4 Students

Aims of the Experts and Graduates of the Field:

Dynamic knowledge of Immunology has a key role in diagnosing, treating, researching, and training. By the development of various fields such as cell therapy, reproduction, gene therapy, organ transplantation, allergy, septic, autoimmune disease, cancer, and vaccination in Immunology, the necessity of researching and studying in Immunology is discussed in almost all fields of Medical Sciences. Experts cooperating actively in educational, research, diagnosing and treating centers and knowledge enterprises according to the needs of society and system of health and industry.  Graduates are employed accordingly considering their skills and  abilities in the given centers.


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