Welfare facilities

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elfare Facilities



There are two dormitories available for our international students. All rooms and studios of these university complexes are equipped by:  accidental insurance, prayer room, sports hall, computer site, library, elevator, heating services and air conditioning, internet and kitchen appliances.


Food Services:

At the student restaurants in SBUMS schools and hospitals, there are warm foods available for students and residents in two choices. At the dormitories, there are three choices for each dinner. The food (lunch & dinner) reservation system is intranet-based through e-cards. Nutrition consultations are offered by dietitians.  


 All ZUMS students may use medical insurance. All students (whether Iranians or foreigners) are automatically insured as soon as they become ZUMS students.   


ZUMS students may commute at various hours from dormitories to schools and vice versa.  

Camping & Trips:

 ZUMS provides camping and trips in various forms (cultural, religious, and recreational) in one-day or multiple-day forms in- and out- of Zanjan. Such camping and trips may develop student motivation and innovation.

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JOURNALS Achivement

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International achievements:
  1. Paving the way for admission of foreign students.
  2. The ۱st Iranian Symposium on Interdisciplinary Studies in Medical Sciences.
Global Objectives
  • Training efficient, knowledgeable, and strong manpower based on national needs;
  • Elevating academic level of the faculty, and capacitating their efficiencies;
  • Administering academic authority;
  • Developing and enhancing academic curricula;
  • Expanding educational system reforms in medical fields;
  • Elevating Zanjan University of Medical Sciences position at national, regional, and international levels;
  • Expanding geographical aspects of academic services both nationally and internationally
Values & General Principles
  • Considering Islamic and national values as the center of actions;
  • Settling justice in all its dimensions;
  • Protecting human dignity;
  • Following supremacy, having inclination towards, and recruiting the competent;
  • Orientation towards knowledge, and preference over the knowledge;
  • Following the law;
  • Considering client satisfaction the outmost duty;
  • Orientation towards needs satisfaction
The focus of zanjan  University of Medical Sciences attention in education:
Elevating quality education and achieving national and international accreditation is one of the zanjan University of Medical Sciences central goals which will enhance the training of the necessary academic manpower at national level more effectively.
Still another strong point which the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences Vice- Chancellor’s Office for Academic Affairs follows is to play a more effective role in promoting health and medicine in our society, as well as to pay attention to the gifted and talented students so we can generate an expert and reliable body in health and medicine. The other center of attention at global level at Zanjan University of Medical Sciences is focusing on developing and expanding graduate and post graduate fields which will generate the necessary academic body at health and medical sides both for the medical universities and research centers.
۴۳۵۳ students are studying in Zanjan University of Medical Sciences in different fields.Currently there are ۶۷ courses taught at Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, one in associate degree, ۱۶ in undergraduate degree, ۲۳ in master&#۳۹;s degree, ۳ in professional doctorate, ۳ in PHD, ۱۱ in a clinical specialty and two postgraduate doctoral degrees are being taught at the University of Medical Sciences.
Zanjan University of Medical Sciences is looking for specialized fields in the Faculty of Dentistry. The main mission of the University is to develop the interdisciplinary knowledge model of the special mission of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and it is very practical. For the first time this year, the university admitted ۳۶ foreign students to Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, students from Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen, and it is important that the universities are moving towards an important work.

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Director of Educational Manager

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Director of Educational Manager
Name: Dr. Saeed Amanloo
Position: Educational Manager
Degree and Field of Study: PhD of Medical Mycology, Assistant Professor
Postal address: Zanjan Gavazang Road- University Campus- Zanjan University of Medical Sciences- Second Floor Boostan Building- Second Floor
E-mail: s.amanloo zums.ac.ir

Description of Duties:
  1. Supervise good enforcement of educational laws and regulations.
  2. Developing general principles of training programs and supervising their proper implementation after approval.
  3. Preparation and adjustment of academic calendars based on the decisions of the Supreme Council for Planning and Adolescent Education
  4. Overseeing student registration and selection
  5. Review and comment on launching new approved courses and courses
  6. Collaborate with the Medical Education Development Studies Center to implement quality education improvement programs
  7. Collaborate with the Department of State on conducting nationally focused exams including basic sciences, pre-internship, residency and master&#۳۹;s degree
  8. Formation of the Educational Council and the Special Committee of the University Special Cases and Preparation of Meetings and Adoption Agencies for the Implementation of the University Transfer and Transfer Commission
  9. Supervising the issuance of certificates of employment to students, and the system of duty of students applying to leave the country
  10. Supervising the Issues of Certificates and Certificates, Encyclopedias, Graduate Certificates
  11. Overseeing matters related to the general duty of students
  12. Active participation in the formulation of educational assistant strategies
  13. Collaborating with the University&#۳۹;s White Paper Witness Staff

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Director of Graduate Education

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 Director of Graduate Education
Name: Dr. Alireza Abdanipour
Position: Educational Manager
Degree and Field of Study: PhD of Medical Anatomy, Neuroimmunopathology Fellowship, Assistant Professor
Postal address: Zanjan Gavazang Road- University Campus- Zanjan University of Medical Sciences- Second Floor Boostan Building- Second Floor
E-mail: abdanipourzums.ac.ir

 Description of Duties:
۱) Implementation of University Council resolutions, board decisions, bylaws and approved programs
۲) Hold the Graduate Council of the University according to the schedule
۳) Follow up and implement the approvals of the Graduate Council
۴) Correspondence with the Ministry of Education and Colleges regarding the admission capacity of postgraduate students
۵) Reflection of students&#۳۹; educational status to the competent authorities in accordance with the regulations
۶) Correspondence for Scholarships for Clinical Residents and Ph.D Students
۷) Examination of vacations, extracurricular opportunities, dropouts, return to school and  Graduate students
۸) Doing PhD Student Affairs Applicant Study Opportunity
۹) Student Status Report for Students Required for Submission to Graduate Councils and University Special Case Study Commission
۱۰) Performing all the processes related to the education and graduation of graduate students
۱۱) Proposal to Establish New Graduate Courses and Courses for Proposals in the Graduate Council
۱۲) Supervise the annual resident promotion test
۱۳) Supervision in Ph.D Comprehensive Examination
۱۴) Monitoring and supervising the proper implementation of the compilation and dissertation process of graduate students
۱۵) Review and Report of Quality of Education in Postgraduate Courses
۱۶) Supervising good implementation of the rules and regulations of the graduate courses in the affiliated colleges
۱۷) Compilation and presentation of periodic and analytical reports on the status of disciplines, sections and educational programs

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Research Centers

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